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WineSpigot is a must for any faction or cannon server. Get the best performance and provide a lag-free experience for your players.

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  • Smooth Cannoning

    WineSpigot ensures the smoothest of experiences. All cannons work perfectly with no exceptions.

  • Best Performance

    If you're struggling with your server performance we strongly recommend WineSpigot to improve your server TPS.

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    As the rest of our products, WineSpigot is nothing less than the best in its class.

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    If any problems arrise, you can count on our support team. We're here for you 24 hours a day!

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Below you can check some of our highligthed testimonials. You can read the rest in our #vouches channel within our Discord server.

I was developing my own cannon server and I had tried a few jars. However nothing compared to WineSpigot, instantly I could see a difference in performance and when I asked Golfing to add a setting for something in the jar he did so almost immediately. I was also extremely happy to learn that WineSpigot came with not only a great performing jar, when it comes to cannoning. But also a lot of other settings. When I bought the jar, there was 403 lines in the wine.yml file to change anything from enderpearls to spawners. Worth every penny, no regrets at all!


Owner of DexMC / YouTuber

Absolutely outstanding developer I truly recommend him to anyone. The support is honestly incredible he does this all BY HIMSELF I don't think people understand how many clients he has to take care of and he is always there when I need him with no complaints. My server run unbelievable under his plugins and players love them!


Owner of FactionsHQ

Golfing is an insane dev, he always does his best job at optimizing our server. His plugins are insane and are priced amazingly, if there is any issues he will get it sorted ASAP! @Golfing8 is a very nice professional guy who always updates his plugins and wont let a customer go dissatisfied ever! highly recommend! If you have any other questions about Golfing's work feel free to message me. I definitely push you to buy from Golfing and his team, 11/10.


Manager of KrakenMC

Great developer, very friendly, asked to test the faction kore first and immadiatly said yes, helped and showed me everything needed! Definetly worth buying.


Owner of ThugPvP

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we've listed the most common questions. If you have any other questions feel free to ask in our Discord server.

Where do I purchase your products?

Kindly join our Discord server, create a ticket within the #create-ticket channel and we'll help you from there.

We currently accept Crypto, Stripe, and PayPal. More might be added in the future or per request. Feel free to ask in a ticket through our Discord server!

Permission Nodes: WineSpigot command permissions are winespigot.command.(permission). For example, permission to use /fps would be winespigot.command.fps.

Errors: I'm suddenly getting quite a few errors and I didn't change anything, what do I do? Ensure that everything is up to date with the most recent versions, then check for errors. If it persists, please make a ticket in our Discord server.

Updates: When an update is pushed out, does it automatically update the configuration files? Yes, when an update for WineSpigot comes out where the configuration changes, it will be updated, whilst saving your current values.

Dependencies: ProtocoolLib, PlaceHolderAPI, HolographicDisplays, ShopGUIPlus, CoreProtect, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Factions Fork (FactionsUUID, MassiveCore Factions, etc), Vault & Essentials.

Permission Nodes & Placeholders: FactionKore permissions are factionskore.base.(featurename) and factionskore.admin.(featurename). Base permissions are what you will want most players to have, admin permissions are for server staff (There are a few exceptions like the PIN feature, etc). To see these in more detail, open each features YML file to see what they do. In order to find placeholders for kore, run the command /kore placeholders in game, and a list of placeholders will appear.

Toggling Grace: Kore grace period not working, what do I do? One of the main reasons for this would be that your fork has grace enabled still. Ensure that the forks grace is disabled and see if that doesn’t fix your issue. If that does not fix it, check your grace.yml file. Ensure that all single numeric values have a 0 before them. For example, do not have month: ‘4, but rather have month: ‘04.

Expansions: Are my developers able to create our own expansions? Yes! It has never been more simple than to follow this format to create your own expansions using Kore's API. Upload it here: Kore GitHub. Once this is done, make sure to create a ticket to have the expansion whitelisted to your IP's. When you purchase FactionsKore and its expansions, there are a few steps you need to follow in order to set them up correctly. Once you have your license registered, put FactionsKore in your plugins folder, then start your server. Once this is done, a FactionsKore folder will be created. Open that, and inside there will be an Expansions folder. Open this, and drop your expansions in there. Restart your server, and the expansions will register. Their files will be in FactionsKore with everything else.

Dependencies: ProtocoolLib, PlaceHolderAPI, HolographicDisplays, ShopGUIPlus, CoreProtect, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Factions Fork (FactionsUUID, MassiveCore Factions, etc), Vault & Essentials.